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Family Law Reader

Family Law Reader

Family Law Periodicals
August 2005

Family Court Review
Vol. 43, No. 3 (July 2005)

Symposium: Child Support Enforcement in the Twenty-First Century

Other Issue Articles:

Patrick Parkinson, Judy Cashmore, and Judi Single, Adolescents' Views on the Fairness of Parenting and Financial Arrangements After Separation (page 429)

Robert W. Hinds and Ruth Bradshaw, Gender Bias in Lawyers' Affidavits to the Family Court of Australia (page 445)

Robert A. Zibbell, Couple Aggression: Frequency and Implications for Child Custody and Access Evaluations (page 454)

Lynne Kenney Markan and David K. Weinstock, Expanding Forensically Informed Evaluations and Therapeutic Interventions in Family Court (page 466)

Shelley A. Riggs, Is the Approximation Rule in the Child's Best Interests? A Critique from the Perspective of Attachment Theory (page 481)

Mary Eschelbach Hansen and Daniel Pollack, Unintended Consequences of Bargaining for Adoption Assistance Payments (page 494)

Vicky Ku, Intercountry Adoptions: Instituting Educational Programs in the Adoption Process to Facilitate Awareness of Cultural Identity Issues (page 511)

Joanna M. Canter, Nonjudicial Alternatives for Resolving End-of-Life Decisions for Minors (page 572)

Symposia of Interest

Widener Law Review
Vol. 11, No. 2 (2005)

Lawrence v. Texas and Same-Sex Marriage

Regent University Law Review
Vol 17, No. 2 (2004-05)

Moral Realism and the Renaissance of Traditional Marriage

Other Articles of Interest

Michael Benjamin and Howard H. Irving, Using the "Mediatable Frame" to Define the Problem in Mediating a Parenting Plan, 22 Conflict Resolution Quarterly 473 (Summer 2005)

Jo Daugherty and Susan P. Robbins, Couple Empowerment in Divorce: A Comparison of Mediated and Nonmediated Outcomes, 22 Conflict Resolution Quarterly 453 (Summer 2005)

David B. Dibble, Parental Rights Movement on Utah's Capitol Hill Should Not Make Gains at the Expense of the State's Children, 2005 Brigham Young University Education & Law Journal 1 (2005)

Joshua Aaron Garner, Who Is Looking Out for the Community? Piercing the Corporate Veil in Neibaur v. Neibaur, 41 Idaho Law Review 565 (2005)

Jamal Greene, Divorcing Marriage from Procreation, 114 Yale Law Journal 1989 (2005)

Daphna Hacker, Motherhood, Fatherhood and Law: Child Custody and Visitation in Israel, 14 Social & Legal Studies 409 (2005)

Jack B. Harrison, The Future of Same-Sex Marriage after Lawrence v. Texas and the Election of 2004, 30 University of Dayton Law Review 313 (Spring 2005)

Alison Herlihy, Ethical Issues and Child Custody, 29 The Journal of the Legal Profession 223 (2004-05)

Beth M. Huebner, The Effect of Incarceration on Marriage and Work over the Life Course, 22 Justice Quarterly: JQ 281 (September 2005)

William P. Kratzke, The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) Is Bad Income Tax Policy, 35 The University of Memphis Law Review 399 (Spring 2005)

Susan M. Moss, Consideration of a Parent's Sexual Orientation in Child Custody Disputes, 41 Idaho Law Review 593 (2005)

Brian N. Niemczyk, Baker v. Nelson Revisited: Is Same-Sex Marriage Coming to Minnesota?, 28 Hamline Law Review 425 (Spring 2005)

Marian Roberts, Family Mediation: The Development of the Regulatory Framework in the United Kingdom, 22 Conflict Resolution Quarterly 509 (Summer 2005)

Ofelia Rodriguez-Srednicki, Ph.D. and James A. Twaite, Ph.D., Ed.D., Understanding and Reporting Child Abuse: Legal and Psychological Perspectives: Part One: Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, and Neglect, 32 The Journal of Psychiatry & Law 315 (Fall 2004)

Jill C. Rush, Unequal Treatment and Creditor Frustrations: The Limited Impact of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage, 21 Emory Bankruptcy Developments Journal 743 (2005)

Lani P. Shaw, Show Me the Money!: Analyzing an Adult Child's Standing to Recover Retroactive Child Support Payments, 48 Howard Law Journal 1053 (2005)

James A. Twaite, Ph.D., Ed.D. and Ofelia Rodriguez-Srednicki, Ph.D., Understanding and Reporting Child Abuse: Legal and Psychological Perspectives: Part 2: Emotional Abuse and Secondary Abuse, 32 The Journal of Psychiatry & Law 443 (Winter 2004)

Erika M. Waller, M.A., and A. E. Daniel, M.D., Purpose and Utility of Child Custody Evaluations: From the Perspective of Judges, 32 The Journal of Psychiatry & Law 5 (Spring 2004)

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