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Family Law Reader

Family Law Reader

Periodical Review
April 2002

Family Law Journals and Symposia of Interest

Jeremy L. Fetty, A “Fertile” Question: Are Contracts Regarding the Disposition of Frozen Preembryos Worth the Paper upon Which They Are Written?, 2001 The Law Review of Michigan State University-Detroit College of Law 1001 (Fall 2001)

Karen Gievers, Listening to Silenced Voices: Examining Potential Liability of State and Private Agencies for Child Support Enforcement, 25 Nova Law Review 693 (Spring 2001)

Pamela A. Haun, The Marital Privilege in the Twenty-first Century, 32 Memphis Law Review 137 (2001)

Ruth Jones, Inequality from Gender-Neutral Laws: Why Must Male Victims of Statutory Rape Pay Child Support for Children Resulting from Their Victimization?, 36 Georgia Law Review 411 (Winter 2002)

Charles P. Kindregan, Jr. and Patricia A. Kindregan, Unexercised Stock Options and Marital Dissolution, 34 Suffolk University Law Review 227 (2001)

Richard B. Maltby, The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 and the Missed Opportunity to Apply the Act in Guardianships, 46 Saint Louis University Law Journal 213 (Winter 2002)

Jeffrey Margolin, Taming the Pernicious Creature that Is § 523(a) (15) of the United States Bankruptcy Code, 8 Cardozo Women’s Law Journal 45 (2001)

Ellen Marrus, Over the Hills and Through the Woods to Grandparents’ House We Go: or Do We, Post-Troxel?, 43 Arizona Law Review 751 (Winter 2001)

David A. Martindale, Ph.D., Child Custody: Practice Standards, Ethical Issues, and Legal Safeguards for Mental Health Professionals, by Robert Henley Woody, Ph.D., J.D., 29 Journal of Psychiatry & Law 373 (Fall 2001)

Cynthia J. Sgalla McClure, A Case for Same-Sex Marriage: A Look at Changes Around the Globe and in The United States, Including Baker v. Vermont, 29 Capital University Law Review 783 (2002)

John C. Sheldon, Surrogate Mothers, Gestational Carriers, and a Pragmatic Adaptation of the Uniform Parentage Act of 2000, 53 Maine Law Review 523 (2001)

Jeffrey G. Sherman, Domestic Partnership and Erisa Preemption, 76 Tulane Law Review 373 (2001)

Kevin Tallant, My “Dude Looks Like a Lady”: The Constitutional Void of Transsexual Marriage, 36 Georgia Law Review 635 (Winter 2002)

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